Angela Sterling Forest

186_angieAngela began composing and performing her music in 1975. As solo folk guitarist, she participated in benefit concerts throughout Europe and the U.S. supporting the grassroots non-violent anti-nuclear movement. From 1983 to 1990, she was the lead singer for the female pop rock band The Mix. Angela has performed in numerous theatrical productions and was a singer in the 60s girl group band  The Creamettes. The demand for her songs generated by her most recent musical group, Marble Feather, inspired the indie record label Marble Feather Music March of 2000, which currently publishes and distributes her music world wide.

The song Wekiva from the Marble Feather CD was selected for the soundtrack of a PBS documentary produced by BBG productions and WMFE-TV. BBG Productions felt Angela’s sound was particularly suited to the natural sensibilities they wanted to capture from the spring-fed, sub-tropical oasis that is Florida’s Wekiva River. The hour-long broadcast documentary Wekiva Legacy or Loss?  premiered in Florida on November 15, 2000 and was then released nationally. Angela’s music video of the song Wekiva was released in September 2001 and can now be viewed on YouTube.

Recording History:

  • 1 Lp and 5 cassette Albums release from 1983-1989 on Shell Song records as a singer/songwriter for the female pop group The Mix
  • 14 songs released and distributed world wide on CD by Marble Feather Music 2000-2001
  • Her song Wekiva licensed for the sound track of the award winning PBS documentary Wekiva, Legacey or Loss produced by WMFE and the Florida Fish and Game Commission

Musical and Performance Style

Angela is a charismatic and entrancing singer who has engaged audiences since 1981 with a distinctive vocal gift that passionately transmits evocative and introspective lyrics.  Themes for her songs range from hopeful reminders of our responsibility to ethically care for our environment, to the bittersweet secrets of the psyche’s interior landscape where the timeless worlds of magical fantasy are revealed.131_head

She is a seasoned and dynamic stage performer who gracefully creates a natural rapport with her audiences in any size venue. Her talents for creating multiple vocal harmonies in a studio setting parallel the moving and dreamy introspection of female vocalist such as Enya or Sarah McLachlan.

152_Angela_Sterling_Forest_CDListen or Buy the CD

Watch the YouTube music video of Wekiva

Watch the vimeo video of Earth Justice and Wekiva (3/5/13)

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